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Welcome to Paesano

Located in the bustling surroundings of both of Zagreb's Arenas, Paesano pizzeria and ristorante offers you an extensive selection of delicacies inspired by the rich and seductive aromas of Italian cuisine.

Our dishes, ranging from juicy and hearty steaks and colourful pizzas to decadent desserts, are made from premium quality ingredients and the utmost care of our culinary team. To engage your senses even further and make your enjoyment as fulfilling as possible, our eating area has been designed and fitted with traditional building materials such as stone, wood and metal, evoking an ambience that is simultaneously warm and homey as well as unassumingly minimalistic.

During the warm spring and summer months, we love to entertain our patrons in our outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your meal in the fresh air, secluded from the street by a live bamboo border.

With our patrons' comfort and satisfaction in mind, we also offer you a selection of current local periodicals and Wi-Fi connection coverage throughout our venue. Our payment options include most debit and credit cards, such as American Express, Diners, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

We are open every day, Monday through Sunday from 11 am until midnight.

Please feel welcome to contact us with any inquiry at our

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